Leadership, Branding & Image Creators

​   Our consulting, coaching and trainings have been part of different clients in USA, Puerto Rico and Latin America.
Our expertise is in Employment and Personal Branding, WorkForce & Training Development.​ What sets us apart is a bilingual Team with innovative solutions and a unique assessment, Mindsonar. 
Coaching & Consulting​: 

Our Coaching supports leaders increase their communication, self-confidence and offer an emotional paycheck. 

We offer HR Consulting with a twist- we will bring you innovative and strategic solutions for your employment brand. 

All the Support you need...

in one spot.

WorKforce Development:

Our trainings are custom made, innovative and full of creativity. No more boring trainings, we teach in a creative and fun environment full of experiential learning.  

With an International view...

Coaching & Consulting Experience 

-USA, Puerto Rico & Latam 

AssesSment Tool:

MindSonar is a unique contextual assessment tool based on eclectic psychology an neurolinguistics. 

We will help you understand how you think and what you find important. 


We are proud Strategic Allied for MindSonar Puerto Rico & Virginia. 

We also have Certified Emotional Paycheck Trainers that can provide the Emotional Paycheck Ambassador Certification.