November 1st - 4th, 2017

Mindsonar Day – Lima, Perú
For the second time, Mindsonar day will be held outside Europe and Lima, Perú has been selected as the point of reunion for this magnificent event. Workshops, Keynotes,Debates and networking opportunities are only some of the many reasons why Mindsonar Days are so powerful.
Bianca Negrón Castro, President of The Coaching Spot will be part of this great event as a Keynote speaker.  For More Information Visit

June 14- 17, 2017

MindSonar Certification in Puerto Rico​ - Spanish Version

Be part of a selected group of Coaches and Human Resources professionals who use this world-class tool. Get certified with MindSonar®, a 100% internet-based psychological measurement tool generated by Dr. Jaap Hollander in the Netherlands and recommended by leading figures in the world of coaching and NLP such as Tim Hallbom and Robert Dilts. Learn more about MindSonar Certification in Puerto Rico June 2017 

June 24-25, 2017

WORLD Coaching Program -Teen Edition in Puerto Rico​ - Spanish Version

Our unique Coaching program WORLD is For ALL... Kids, Teens and Adults.  World is a confidence and skill building coaching program designed to support and develop: positive attitude, good decision making, inspirational leaders, team players, independent thinkers, increase confidence, discover new talents and opportunities, overcome challenges and be proud of who you are. Become aware of how your actions, way of thinking and feelings make a diferrence in the WORLD...Want to be part of This? Contact US! 

17-20 October, 2018 

International MindSonar Certification- For the 1st Time in Norfolk, Virginia 

Become a Certified MindSonar Professional
MindSonar is offered exclusively through a network of certified MindSonar Professionals. The combination of a refined measurement plus an expert Professional gives MindSonar solutions their unique power. Also, MindSonar has a community of professionals in USA, Puerto Rico, Netherlands and Latin America!
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