Career, Leadership & Life Coaching:   
Personal Branding is our specialty!

We believe that every person should have the life & career they deserve. We support our clients with one on one coaching and unique-personalized strategies. We will give you the tools to discover your talents, strengths, meet your career goals and take action of YOUR Personal Brand. Coaching Services for: 

  • Job Seekers
  • Career Changers
  • Military Spouses & Transitioners
  • Professionals Returning the workforce

This unique assessment tool will give you outstanding results in your organization. MindSonar is a contextual psychological assessment, it helps us to get to the heart of our clients thinking style. It measures how people THINK and what the find IMPORTANT. This assessment is ideal for: 

  • Recruitment, Selection & Retention
  • Leadership & Career Development
  • Succession Planning 
  • Team Building

Unique and Custome Made


MindSonar is offered exclusively through a network of trained and certified professionals.  We are ready to support you and provide measurable results! Click here and learn more!

Leadership, Branding & Image Creators

Human Resources Consulting: 

Do you know how potential applicants, candidates, and employees perceive you as an employer and organization?  Is this important? YES, Of course! And it plays a crucial role in today's world. This is why we offer the following customized solutions: 

  • Talent Management through Social Media
  • Social Media Policy Creation/Evaluation​
  • Engagement Gap Analysis & Strategies
Workforce Development: 
From Strategies to CUSTOM MADE Training!  NO COOKIE CUTTERS! 

No more boring programs or training...Depending on your needs and budget we will evaluate, design and implement innovative solutions. We support organizations to provide valuable and meaningful experiences that will enhance employee's skills development. We specialized in designing and implementing the following programs/training:

  • Career Development 
  • Succession Planning
  • Brand Ambassadors 
  • Internship Programs 
  • Leadership BootCamps
  • Teambuilding, Communication and IQ Training  
Certifications & Programs:

MindSonar Certification: Puerto Rico & Virginia 

The Coaching Spot provides once a year the MindSonar Certification in Puerto Rico or Virginia, U.S. This is a 3.5 days of training including webinars after and before the certification. Ideal for: Coaches, Consultants, HR Professionals, Counselors, Psychologists. The Coaching Spot is the authorized distributor that provides this certification in P.R. and Virginia. Learn more here. TRY MINDSONAR TODAY- FREE TRIAL

Emotional Paycheck Ambassador Certification

This unique Certification is endorsed by the  Emotional Paycheck® Institute of Canada. It's their mission to form integral, ethical leaders with a humanistic vision. Learn how to give your team a raise in the check that really matters, their emotional income. Learn more here ( E-leaning Platform)


WORLD: A Career, Leadership & Life Coaching Program Powered by MindSonar


unique Coaching program that supports Kids & Teens become more resilient towards the world, changes, and develop employability skills. WORLD is a confidence and skill-building program designed to develop: positive attitude, decision making, inspirational leadership, communication, team building, independent thinking, and self-confidence. Participants will discover new talents and learn how to overcome challenges. Learn more here 

Want to bring WORLD Coaching program to your School or University? Contact US

Learn more about our AU-PAIR Course Version